4″ Rolls 3M 948 PRO SERIES Scotchgard Paint Protection Clear Film

4″ Rolls 3M 948 PRO SERIES Scotchgard Paint Protection Clear Film


Select your custom length. These are sold from a 4″ roll and cut to length.

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This tough, durable, virtually invisible, maintenance-free urethane film uses our most advanced technology to protect the finish on your vehicle and keep it looking newer longer.

Unrivaled stain and scratch resistance: The revolutionary clear coat technology produces exceptional stain and scratch resistance, making it easier to clean and harder to scratch, ensuring that it keeps the vehicle looking newer, longer.

Self healing properties: Innovative technology allows minor scratches to disappear by themselves, keeping the film and your vehicle finish looking new.

Excellent durability: The new formula for the Scotchgard Pro Series has superior resistance to yellowing and cracking, ensuring that your vehicle finish retains the showroom quality, color and design features.


Q: Is the film removable?

A: Yes, there is a bit of a trick to it and I have a video to show how. Basically you want to pull and stretch the material so it pops off but if you peel it back like a banana then you will get that residue left behind.

Q: Does the film come in different colors? 

A: Nope, It only comes in clear.

Q: I don’t see my car listed, do you have it? 

A: Our database is being constantly updated so please drop us an email for custom quotes & Questions.

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